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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Drawn to the Light

As mentioned in a previous post I had entered the Moth into the Katoomba Art street competition. Shops in the the main drag of Katoomba have an artist exhibit for 2 weeks and the public can vote on the people's choice but there is also a panel of artists who judge the works for other categories.
 I shamelessly called in every favour I had in the local community to try to win the people's choice. This was unfortunately unsuccessful, but I did win the sculpture prize again and the overall prize as well. Very surprised but very happy.


Ruth said...

Congratulations! Well deserved, too.

dorie said...

so much effort have to be rewarded. Congrats!

Ginga Squid said...

Yay! Congratulations - bummer you didn't win with Moth, which is such a fab piece, but you are a Winner! Nice one Pam.

Anne said...


Pam de Groot said...

Thanks all. Vicky I did win with the moth. I won the main prize. I was going for the other as I thought I had more chance, but hey I'm not going to argue!!

planettreasures said...

congrats, Pam!
It turned out amazing!

Joan Kirton said...

Wonderful! I'll be watching with interest to see what you come up with next.


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