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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eucalyptus dyed wrap and hat

I'm finally ready to reveal the wrap and hat I made for the exhibition at the Rocks Gallery. The wrap was made first with white wool on silk. Once again I embedded the clasp. The pod shapes were set in the dyeing. There were two different leaf dyes, complements of some windfall at my son's soccer game. The orange printed leaf shapes were some Cinerea leaves. There is also added some dyed and printed organza silk stitched on. Some mother of peal buttons are a final feature.

The hat was made from dyed fleece. Some of the many shades of beige I started with and then some that I managed to dye a bit darker later. Printed and dyed Silk was felted in with fleece. The whole hat was dyed in a pot of leaves that seemed to have more of an orangey colour. When wool felt was laid on these leaves in the dye pot the orange transfer was really strong but the dye itself never went to that strong a colour. (Something I will discuss with India when I go to her workshop in May. YAY!) Not shown in this picture is some more silk fabric stitched on as I had to send in my description before I made the piece and had said it would be there. I ended up putting it on in the train to town yesterday! I love the way people try not to look at what you are doing but they are obviously facinated. The bold will just come up and ask.
My sincere thanks to another gorgeous friend E. for modelling .


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