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Thursday, June 30, 2011


This has been the most different place I have ever been and yet again the feltmakers are such warm and thoughtful people. I must look different as people seem to stare at me. Perhaps it is my clothes. Very Blue Mountains. Kiev has so much history seeping from every drain hole and steeple tip. The cathedrals and palaces. my god there must have been a lot of money here at some point.
We have been felting 3 days now with wall hangings, hats and sculptures. I am exhautsed but the walking about 100km round town last night did not help. I thought I would just see a few things but I could always see another thing up ahead. It doesn't get dark till about 10pm so there is a lot of night life.
Tomorrow Demark! A new adventure and time to put the learners hat on. Till next time.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Update minus pics

I have so much to tell and will go into more detail with pics when I return home. I am now in Germany for my last night before heading Ukraine. Wow I have found out I love to travel and felters are the most friendly and hospitable people you could wish to meet the world over.

Ireland  is such a beautiful country!!!  I passed so many amazing old ruins I began to get a bit picky about which ones I would get out the camera for!!  So much history and such a story to go with it all. Dingle has certainly had the hand of some god upon it for it is certainly blessed with beauty.

The Irish students were both warm and giving and I hope to see some photos of the dry finished work soon.I had adventures on the return with my first time at driving 140kmhr to get the car back in time!!!!

In Germany  I have had an asounding time with some great felmakers. I am honoured that these people felt they had something to learn from me. 3 days of some incredible hat making. I learn so much from teaching. They take me to places I may not take myself.

More from the next time I have time.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bags are packed?

Hmmm. Think I bought too small a bag. But what to leave behind? I'm on attempt 3 of packing. Today it must be done though as I fly off tonight for 6 weeks of excitement with all my new friends!!
I shall miss my beautiful boys, it will definitely be a testosterone zone while I am away. I'm sure the time will fly and I will be back bossing them to tidy rooms in no time.
Not sure when and where I will be able to blog when away or if I'' be able to upload pics. So be assured that when I can I will keep you posted.
If you are coming to Felt in Focus Denmark please seek me out and we can catch up.
Catcha soon!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Want one of these??

I will be in Germany Xanten, very close to the Netherlands Border. soon and if you think you would like to join us for three days of wild and wooly fun making crazy hats then contact the beautiful Britta I will be there for 24th, to 26th June


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