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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bag making workshop

Yesterday was the bag making workshop and we had loads of fun.
Each participant made a fabulous bag to take home. it is a long day with all the aspects of a bag needing to come together in the design.
As an ex potter I kind of think of the bag as the "teapot" of the felted accessory. A teapot must be the right size and shape with proportionate handle, spout and lid. Angles must be just right so that it can be filled and of course it must function! Pour without dribbles. The last  aspect is that it must also look beautiful and make people want to use it.
A bag must be all of these thing too. It has a body, a closure, a handle, it should function as a vessel with pockets. I guess a teapot doesn't have pockets and hopefully we won't be testing if a bag can pour without dribbles!
Below are the photos of some my clever students and their gorgeous bags. The bags are of course still wet so you cannot see the true colours or the shine of the other fibres added.


Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

They are beautiful. All of them.

Trudis said...

Very nice workshop!

KerryFelter said...

They all turned out so nice! I have made two handbags and they have turned out looking rather homemade and not professional looking. I am going to keep trying and see if I improve, though...


Que lindas carteras!!!! todos son muy originales y los colores son fantásticos,congratulations!!!!
saludos desde Argentina

Sandie said...

Looks like a great workshop! Congratulations to not only the students but also the tutor! :-)


What totally cool bags. And what a testament to your wonderful teaching skills, Pam. You really drew out the creativity of your students.

Shazz said...

They are such fabulous "teapots" Pam , you are a true artisan and a generous one....passing along those skills..xx


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