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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eucalypt dyeing

I was walking down the street and noticed the new concrete was all stained from the gum tree above. Remembering India Flint had said this was a likely sign that this was a good leaf for colour I picked up some leaves, went home and soaked them. Once soaked I boiled them up with some silk and got the most amazing black/charcoal dye.

Next I put the same leaves, the ones I had just put through the dye bath, in some paj silk and wraped the bundle.

I steamed said bundle for a few hours and then agonizingly waited till the next morning. I unwrapped like it was a christmas present and voila!

Then I got all excited and started to wonder what other colours I could find around my place. I got these wonderful oranges from the lichens growing on the tree out the front.

1 comment:

india flint said...

looks like you're having some fun there! you'll find there are eucalypts that will give the same colour as those to harvest them in preference as Lichens are so slow-growing.
good luck


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