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Friday, March 13, 2009

Felt Balls

I do like the look of a new batch of felt balls all bunched up together, waiting for new homes.


Anonymous said...

I just spent the last week making balls as well! hahahaha I had never done balls before, but my son got as a present some kyrgys balls and I can't fugure out how is it that they are so hard and supposedly they don't have anything inside. SO I've been trying with a some toy filling inside, and a styrophome... and still not looking good... pure wool?? felting each layer and building up like that?

You've got great balls hahahaha so colorful!

Pam de Groot said...

I use a stuffing quality wool for the inside and wrap it with cotton to hold it all together. Then I needle felt a colour all over, then I needle felt on the decorations. Then it gets wet felted.

Anonymous said...

wow! well, worth the work, they look beautiful.
Do you have a shop Pam, or too much work already with your classes and stuff?

I thought you were ducth at first, because of your last name...which in dutch means "The Great"... so you are Pam The great felter... :)

Pam de Groot said...

Ha. No I married the dutch name. He was born here too though. I sell my work through a co-op Here in the mountains and another gallery in Sydney. I also do the odd big fair (market). With my classes this keeps me busy enough.

fontainefleurie said...

Hi Pam, I found your name on Teresa's blog. As like florcita I thought you were a dutchie. Well I'am. Seems you have the same interest - Andy goldsworthy is a great artist, I have two books of him. And you have done a workshop with Judit Pocs - your hats are great btw - I have been twice to her workshops. Did you know she is since February this year mother of a new-born babygirl? You have a great feeling for using vibrant colours. And India is one of my favourites at this moment - today I have packed again two bundles for steaming, experiment with grass and bark. And last but not least I love felting. I will be one of your followers under the name of fontainefleurie, the name of our second home in France. But you will find my creativity experiments on

Anonymous said...


I also love the bags you made. Do you sell the directions?

Pam de Groot said...

No I hadn't really thought to. It is made on a resist though.

Yvonne said...

I've been wanting to make some of these - it's on my huge list of fibre explorations to do! They look fun and so colourful - I could imagine making egg-shaped ones for an Easter basket! Thanks for sharing how you make them. I think your beautiful work needs to get published - with instructions!

Unknown said...



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