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Saturday, September 19, 2009

New babies

I am involved with the craft group at my son's school and we make some beautiful things. I love the communally made items the best. The things that are passed on and each person adds another part. They mermaid with the felted tail was one such project. I made the tail and another mum made the doll. We named her Shellshine. The other mermaid (Celeste) was made by another mum. She has a spare outfit as her tail comes off and she can party on land too! I made the spring fairy (flora belle), She has a bag of fairy dust and pink suede shoes! . It is just delightful to watch the children come in and "ooh" and "ahh" over them. They are desperate to see the new dolls and animals each fair.
We had a great fair today. We all worked very hard and I think I will sleep very hard tonight as well.


florcita said...

They are so pretty! how seewt! I like working with other people. Not always as I, sometimes, have a very clear idea of what i want. But sometimes I see this type of work, around atable with other people...the chats...a cup of tea... I miss that communal feeling.

Yvette said...

you had good company and it shows through the dolls....

carolina said...

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