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Monday, November 2, 2009

Confessions of a Teacher.

I must confess that in doing workshops it is often I who am the learner.
Isn't it amazing how the same set of instructions to all my students can provide so many different responses. Their answers coming from their own experiences, colour prefences, styles and personalities.
On Sunday I gave a nuno felting workshop. We all had a great time and the products were fantastic. Yummy examples of colour and drape. Thanks to everyone I learnt a lot!


CarmWhite said...

Did you or a student make the piece in the first photo (citrus colored triangles)? Love it!


blackzzr said...

Oh, what a great workshop. The responses are all fantastic. Nice colours. I would like to visit one of your workshop, but I think it's to far away ;-)))

Kind regards Karin

Jasmine said...

So beautiful. looks like an envigorating class :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful comment about being a teacher. think you must be one of the kind teachers. :)


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