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Sunday, January 31, 2010


We ll I decided to do a cobweb felt in black to make the spin the feature of this scarf. I lost some of the bouncyness of this yarn. It did tend to flatten out a bit. I had hoped the mohair would be less prone to this. Perhaps adding at a prfelt stage would help, but I doubt it. Lets face it felting is rough treatment for a delicate yarn. Not an altogether amazing result, needs some tweaking to find the best way to incorporate yarn.


krex said...

My two cents...I think it looks great . nice textures and colors but I would be afraid to wear it as I know I would brush up against the only loose nail in the room and snag it . How do women wear cobweb with out ruining it ?(am assuming they don't ride public transportation for starters ).

Ginga Squid said...

I love it Pam - looks great from over here!

I especially love the photo of it in the tree - it reminds me of a dark, lurking, woodland spirit and I wouldn't like to meet it hovering there at night.....

Maria Dent said...

I love the textures!

Jasmine said...

I think it looks gorgeous. I'm intrigued to see how you get on. I've been seriously considering buying a spinning wheel, but have no intention of learning to knit just yet. Yarn in felt would be wonderful until i get a loom....

Ruth said...

I love the textures you achieved. I think the yarn looks a bit stark against the black, perhaps using an olive green or even a fuschia background? Good start though - I'll be trying this soon with a few yarns that I attempted.

Amber Lough said...

I love it. Earthy and...cobwebby! Is the yarn as soft as the felted wool? The problem I've been having with felting in yarn in scarves is that it's scratchy. Of course, I could remedy the situation with softer yarn. Your yarn is dreamy.

Pam said...

Amber the yarn was spun with mohair and quite soft. The cobweb was also very soft as it was quite a fine micron and very thin. You can do all these yarns on a spindle and that can be made from cheap supplies like some dowel, a cup hook and a cd.

Shepherdess said...

I like it, I like more subtle pattern. I find that if you do not want a yarn to flatten it needs to be tightly spun. Tighter spinning's means it's not as soft. you could try going aver all of it and squashing it more 3d while its still wet but it woulds take some time with a lot of wool on the your piece. I think Ruth is right a different background would make the wool stand out more.

OliTa said...

Such a fantastic scarf ! I love absolutely everything about it. The texture is amazing ! Love the fact that all the colourful yarn is on black background, it really makes it to stand out ! Stunning piece !

lizet frijters said...

Your work is absolutely stunning!
I have awarded your blog for the sunshine blog award and linked to your blog.
Here is the link:

Denise Vitola said...

It's quite stunning! I love the textures and how it brings many other images to mind. Denny

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