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Monday, June 14, 2010


This work is by someone I've met on this Wild word web whom I like to call friend. Her work is so creative and as you can see just beautiful.
I love this work even more now I've seen a part of how it was created. The work is entitled "Do not watch the waves" BTW I should say that the piece is made from hand made felt.


Anonymous said...

Cannot tell you how good it is, to read you call me friend.

Talk to you soon Pam

Trudis said...

What a beautiful work of art and how nice to start my day with this! It gives me positive energy.
Thank you for sharing this with us!

Maria Dent said...

Superb piece of art.

Dorie said...

she has the power! I've met her once and she is also very natural.

t said...

Wow, this is incredible, what beautiful art.


Shazz said...

How amazing was that... The piece and the work that went into the felt , She did a fantastic job. I Loved the space and the simplicity.. thanks for showing us Pam


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