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Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer's coming!!!

So we are looking forward to spring here and I have been putting on the thinking cap for summer sales. Our Australian summers are so hot it is difficult to get people looking at wool but they will look at the silk.
I have eco printed these fabrics and sewn up some summer splendor!

 This was sewn from a bought pattern and I've added the obi sash as an alternative look.

The second was a made up pattern using a small part of the "subtraction cutting" idea. As you can see I'm not sure yet which way I want those ties/extra bits to work.


india flint said...

i'd happily wear these!

vilterietje said...

Hey Pam!
A bit jealouse of your nice summers, but that's the way it is. I LOVE your dresses and I'm sure they will sell.
Love, Riet

Yvette said...

I go for simplicity...great

dorie said...

great to see how it's working - all styles are just beautifull. For sure people will love them!

(since I have the PDF for a while now I'll start to make something in cotton before cutting in silk...)

Trudis said...

I love this style!

Lucia Maria Higuchi said...

Very beautifull elegant and fashion.

Joan Kirton said...

I like the idea of changing the ties to suit ones mood ....or ones shape. The colours are soft and calm, perfect for spring.

Inselfrau said...

Hallo Pam.I was reading about you already in a felting journal and find now your website.I like as well your jewellery and your silks.I started with silkpainting and -dying and looking forward for deconstructed screenprinting...but there I am at the beginning.Since two years I am felting as well and understand very good your sellingproblems in the summer.I am German,but I live since 15 years in nobody knowing felt!!!!And of course I have to order everything by post...but I like it very much.
I never tried ecoprinting,but I am very interested to learn more.Where I finf more infos?Your art is beautiful.Gabi


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