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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Europe here I come!!!

Just letting you know I have got enough groups to go ahead with the tour!!!!! I will post the details of where and when soon and give you some contacts if you would like to come. So far it looks like Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands, Uk and Ireland. Just need to plot the route and settle into the details. A big thanks to Elis and the wonder of facebook who helped get the info out there.
I am of course excruciatingly excited at the prospect and also not just a little daunted by the task ahead.

I subscribe to an online magazine called Handeye. It has wonderful articles on works done throughout the world. I just fell in love with this article and instantly bought the book so I could look even closer at these amazing sculptures. Some of you already know my passion for Andy Goldsworthy, well this guys work is similar in the way it becomes part of the environment and eventually returns to the earth from whence it came.

Deep sigh at the wonder that is peoples creativity.


Ruth said...

Do let me know on the felting forum when you get the dates, places etc. set. I'll put them on the felting forum calendar so everyone in those areas can come and take your classes. What fun!

Pam de Groot said...

Great idea Ruth

planettreasures said...

That's so exciting, Pam!
Do you need someone to carry your bags?

Pam de Groot said...

With all the offers for that Tess people will start to think I'm someone important if I start swanning through airports with 6 bag carriers. Ha!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Yay. You go girl.

vilterietje said...

good luck and enjoy your tour de europe! love, riet:)

Anonymous said...

good news Pam. okay enjoy planning the routes, hope to see you one day.

lynda Howells said...

please let me know when and where you are in Uk..let me know please. I live in London. Just am so pleased for you..enjoyx my email is

MvM-design said...

Plese let me know when and where you come to The Netherlands!! please email me at
Have fun in Europe!!

KerryFelter said...

Sounds like the wheels are in motion! Let me know if Dingle is on your horizon still and we will make it all ready for you!


Pam de Groot said...

I will be sure to email any addresses I get so don't you worry. Sharon Dingle is definitely on the horizon. You painted such a picture for me I have to see if it's true.

fnkykntr said...

Great you are taking your teaching around the world Pam! Any chance of some 'warm up' workshops in the blue mountains before you go?!? :o) id love to do a bag workshop with you, or any other things you want to try out before your European tour!
I made a hat the other day to a new template as a friend lent me a block - came out nice :o)

Diane said...

Since I have started teaching it has become a dream of mine to have it lead to some travel opportunities. I hope you tour is everything you dream it will be.

I have been a fan of Patrick Dougherty since he came and did an installation at Smith while I was there. It was so interesting to see the construction and destruction of the piece up close...but the best was seeing people interact with it...especially the children...of all ages.


Shazz said...

Wow, you have been busy Pam, tour sounds great... your work is of such high standard you deserve this opportunity.
Seeing as you have plenty of bag carriers....perhaps I can be Your press representative...send your tweets and facebook msg...keep the media under control...YOU Go girl
cheers Shazz


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