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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sub cut 101

So here is Julian at the workshop in Canberra. It was a whirlwind day and a whirlwind tour for him. Here he is cutting live and modeling a garment he made insanely quickly.

Below is my dress which needs some work. I possibly should have saved my gorgeous silk till I had practiced it a bit, but oh well. I will tweak and tweak till I'm happy. I have some ideas of how to transpose this to felt. It will not have the same drape as a woven fabric but interesting nonetheless
The second dress is one I made once I got home. Sorry bit hard to model and take snaps at the same time. I probably should have moved the windex and the washing basket too!!



Shazz said...

Very nice Pam
I looked at the add for this and thought it sounded great..the idea of making it for me turned me off...I'm not sure it would suit me... I like yours. you would get a different look with the felt. It's alot of silk. I bet it feels great to wear.
well done xx shazz
India was doing the melb class...great minds you 2

india flint said...

i too had fabulous fun at Julian's class
Marion has already booked him to come back next winter
for a Natural Dye Symposium at Beautiful SIlks...
more info here

vilterietje said...

great pam, very special, love it:)

Yvonne said...

I'm so impressed, Pam - interesting and attractive designing!

planettreasures said...

The rust dress is sensational, Pam! so it was a good workshop then?

Anyway - congratulations!
I am bestowing on you the Awesome Blog Award!
You can read about it here -


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