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Friday, April 6, 2012

Will you still think I'm ugly if we turn off the lights.

These have come from a fascination of mine with the creatures of the deep sea. They live their whole lives in the dark and it does not matter how they look. They have little lights on their bodies to help them out, and with these they are beautiful. We all have a beautiful side. People are truly amazing and the more you get to know someone the less their appearance is what comes to mind when you think of them.

I enjoy putting some humor in my work and it has come through with these two. To switch on the big one you have to put your hand in that mouth!! They have the quirkiness I love. I learned a lot working with the optic fibre and electronics. Number one being take how long you think it will take -and quadruple it.  Number 2 have some technical back up. I would have like to get some better shots of them both in the dark, but they are in the gallery now. Perhaps when it is over I can set up a good one.


Heather Woollove said...

Hahaha...awesome projects, Pam!!!
...and quite a profound post, today, too.
You're right. I think that my friends are the most beautiful women in the world...and I would challenge anyone who said otherwise! :)

Els said...

Yeaaaaaah !!! LOVE the one with the teeth !
"You better be nice to my rays of blue-ish light .... otherwise I will gét you !"
Really great "lamp" Pam, fun too, great to laugh about/with art !!!!

(so you're quite an electric engineer now too ......)

Jagienka said...

Wooooaaaaahhhh... these two are too cool! Love the teethy one! Interesting idea with the fibre optic cables. Would love to hear more!

Raggle Taggle Gypsy Girl said...

These are really cool and dynamic, love the colours and the use of shape.....And the sentiment is wonderful.....

Siets Osinga said...

They are truly adorable, Pam, this sweet little creatures.

fnkykntr said...

wow! These are awesome. Ive been thinking of making a felted lampshade for a while, but these really do take that idea to another level: You inspire me to get really creative when I get around to making one! I also find the ocean a big inspiration for my felt, I recently started a blog about my creative journey and wrote a post last night about exactly that!

Unknown said...

What amazing light creatures! I so love seeing your works, inspirational!


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