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Monday, June 25, 2012

wool loves colour

I have made some garments from a wool jersey from Beautiful silks This fabric just sucks the colour out of those plants. A match made in heaven. Another kiln opening moment for me unwrapping these. I used to be a potter, best time is kiln opening. It is that moment where you know you have put in the hard work and labored for hours with the "pot" to this point but in the end the result is a always a little bit in the lap of the gods and all the more satisfying for it.


Els said...

Mother Nature (wool and plants) makes wonderful garments ;-)

Els said...

.... with a little help from Pam ofcourse ....

Yvette said...

Pam, sorry for seldom visits. But the most beautiful things appear here.
Hope to see you when you're here again

Clasheen said...

Oh WOW Pam, these are BRILLIANT!!! I'm only just getting to catch up on blogs gradually this week, no internet coverage or else very sketchy over the last month or so, look what I've been missing!


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