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Monday, January 5, 2009

Creative challenge 08

Each year our family and our friends go away to camp at Bristol Point on the south coast of N.S.W.
Each year we try to do something creative. This year I got everyone to respond to the work of Andy Goldsworthy, an artist I much admire. His work is done in the natural environment using what he finds around and then he photographs it.
Here are some of my efforts.

Here are some from Florian and Ben

Here is one from Diane

Come nature spirits on this blessed earth

Breathe life into this physical birth

Come spin, whirl, flicker

in collective dance

Let human souls feel you

Come take the chance

Here is Jason and his girls entry titled "Mermaid Issie", thanks Jane for the glorious pic.

Here are some from Joshua, Ruth and Marlene. The plop is a personal favourite

Some contributions from Robyn, Gerry, Catherine Peter and Mikey. I think Sue and Huw helped too.


Anonymous said...

That's great! When I saw the first pictures I reminded me to Andy Goldsworthy at once. I adore his work and have joy to look your's too. You do gorgeous felting as well as landscape work.

Greetings Endlosfaden

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam

My name is Eilis Smart i am a year 12 student in sydney doing my visual arts major work this year for my HSC

My mum came across this site and was originaly searching for felting ideas however when she saw the Andy Goldsworthy blog she sent me the link.

For my major work i am planning on doing something very similar to the installation you have of the sticks arranged in the circle. I am also intending on using other ideas from Andy Goldsworthy.

I was writing to ask you if it would be ok if i print out the pictures of your installations and put them in my process diary to use them as inspiration for my major work. Ofcourse i would note your name and the location etc.

I realy admire your works (and My mum says the felt hats are fantastic!) so if you have any further ideas for me it would be fantastic.

My email is

Eilis Smart

Anonymous said...

I found you site through Teaching handwork blog. I am normally too busy reading blogs to post comments but your work/passion is WOW! Love your felted mats - this has inspired me to try larger felting projects... my son started in Class 1 at our Waldorf school, maybe we could build up thier hand crafts skills and work towards this as they grow??? Love the spirals in the hats & wall. I have subscribed the feed to your blog for more inspiration and tips. Thank you. Alison, New Zealand


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