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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I call this style of hat the "Armadillo" hat. My son Coen thinks it looks like an animal jumped into the back of the hat. It's a heap of fun to make and I hope a heap of fun to wear.


Anne said...

Hi Pam
Funny I found your blog through an American blog LOL.

I love your hats...:)

Yvonne said...

what a great shape of hat - it definitely would be fun to wear!

Mariana said...

These hats are superb! I've never tried to make a hat... i think it is time!

Teaching Handwork said...

what a cooooooool hat!!! I would totally dig wearing it!

nimblejacks said...

Pam do you sell your hats to anywhere in the Uk? They're fantastic:D

OliTa said...

Very beautiful colours ! Great hat !


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