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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

rollercoaster ride ?

Well I'm back from Bendigo and still digesting what came from it all. I must say it was lovely to meet the enthusiasm of those who had not seen my work before. I got 2nd in the wearable art for the gown and hat.
I find myself in a difficult place though. I'm in a transition space with my work. I need to find a clearer path. I think its become art but not clearly defined in either world. I think I may have to get a bit serious and work this all out. How do I now market myself? Included are some pics of the first prize (Pam Hovel of Victoria) and mine


planettreasures said...

congratulations, Pam.
I like yours better!

Ginga Squid said...

Well done Pam! I also like yours best. The thing which does it for me is your AMAZING hat - its so very cool and funky.

Maybe a bottle of wine would make things clearer.......?

OliTa said...

Your gown and the head piece are absolutely incredible ! Just all the work that you put into it, is very impressive ! The other entry is very nice, but yours is really something !

Yvonne said...

I,too, like yours best, Pam. Congratulations!!

Pam de Groot said...

Well it certainly helps to have a fan club like you guys. Just the tonic. Onward and upwards

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,
A thought for you:

"Genius is an idea and not quite enough time."

Congratulations - it's great to see how your work is developing, evolving, and becoming.

Love Deb

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Hi Pam,
Really fabulous. Congratulations! Yes, time to reflect on direction, it sounds. I too am walking the fine craft/art line. While I work in a craft medium, my work is purely non functional and conceptual. I am composing proposals right now for public gallery exhibtions so I can be paid through an agent/funding organization without expectation of selling work. Developing a cohesive body of work while moving forward in the art world involves so much time outside of the studio and exploiting every contact and opportunity, it can be exhausting. This and balancing teaching, making stuff that "sells" and keeping my galleries happy. I have work in September in an exhibition along with India Flint (whom I have yet to meet/correspond). Perhaps she will make it to teach in North America sometime soon...and you as well? All the very best to you and Congratulations again!!

Teaching Handwork said...

write a book ...get on Martha Stewart etc

congrats on the show!


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