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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So I need to stop making hats and focus on the dress. My issue has been how to represent the gorgeous texture of the moth body. They are furry little things as you can see.

I had thought that using rabbit fur would give a similar result. My samples showed that I can lift the pile of the rabbit fur but it would take a lot more rabbit fur than what I have to get a thick enough coating.

I then thought about the texture and thought about the fact that this will be seen from a distance on a stage and the audience needs to see the texture. So then  went on the path of looking at an effect that would give the impression of texture. So follow the next samples.

Colour is becoming an issue too as they are really just a cream colour but there are some tones of brown and mustard in there too. Do I dye the fibre and then felt...... or felt and then dye? These last two samples show one with just white on white and one with a dyed under layer with white on top. Also construction. I can't decide whether to make it in one with a resist or make the pieces and sew it together.
I'll just keep thinking I guess as I seem to be getting closer


krex said...

I can't wait to see the end result but love seeing the process as well . I love all things fuzzy, Perhaps doing a prefelt on the base fiber and adding some alpaca fiber at the end ? The few times I have wet felted it, it seems to stay fuzzier then the wool . Perhaps a base of the mustard and tans and white alpaca on top ?

I am still so new to felting that everything is an experiment for me.

Colette said...

I was given a Sunshine Award which I'm meant to pass along to others. Want to know why I chose you?
Check out this post
It would be nice if you pass it forward, but I never meant to make you feel obliged. So just enjoy the award and respond to it or not, in every way you like 


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