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Monday, August 1, 2011

Beginning at the end

I've decided to blog from my last workshops and end at the beginning. Perhaps this way there can be a new beginning elsewhere?
Tulip in Amsterdam

There was 2 amazing workshops in the Netherlands with the workshops named Garden to Garment. It was a good title as the plants came from the participants gardens and the beautiful garden of my host Dorie
I am grateful to India for blessing me to work and teach in her methods and I have added to the immense respect I already have for her work, when working with plants from Gardens in the other hemisphere! So much to learn and I would love to have more time to explore all the potential of their colours.

 We wrapped and printed wool and silk on day one . You can see the patented Pam method of wrapping tightly if you hands aren't strong enough, just tie the end to a door handle and use the weight of your body to pull against. We combined samples and stitched and felted garments in day 2

I managed a couple of days to get into Amsterdam. Those canals are so beautiful and the tall buildings on each side let this girl know she wasn't in Kansas anymore.


inge said...

what an amazing things you´ve made !!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

More more.

vilterietje said...

pam, i followed all the bloggers from your workshop and felt so sorry i didn't join them! next time you are in europe i'll be first on your list:)

Mia Foley said...

Amazing photos Pam, I love the dye effects. Looks like a really vibrant, creative time in the Netherlands. I've written a blog about what I made at your Dingle workshop here:
And will post again soon when I'm all finished. Great to meet you, to experience your wonderful work and glad you're back home safe. Best, Mia

dorie said...

with your feltingskills and great knowledge of dyeingpotentials we could all create a great piece of work. Such a pleasure to have had you here Xd

Marie said...

Fabulous ! Thanks for all those beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

It was a privilege to meet you and learn from you. I enjoyed every minute of it! :D

MvM-design said...

Thanks again Pam , I had a great time and I've learned a lot!!!
Marleen ;-)


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