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Monday, August 8, 2011

I know you've been waiting for this!

This mosaic was just on the side of building almost given no prominence!

I was based in Kiev for my stay and was able to wander the streets in the evening and marvel at the incredible architecture of this very old city. 
 It took me a couple of days to find my feet really. There was real culture shock but I really warmed to this place. I would have loved to stay longer. I've started making a cabbage salad I had there (recipe by taste alone) it takes me right back. I anyone has the true recipe I'd love it.

The view from my hotel balcony.

The workshops here were 1 day each and built on the skills acquired from the day before. We began with interpreting images in felt.

Just putting in some other shots

This was apparently a short escalator on the metro

Day 2 was hats. The women were so much fun and really began to discover that language is not such a large barrier to getting to know people. I had a lot of fun.

I just love this shot of Anna

Day three was small sculptures and my mind was stretched helping them to interpret their ideas into a template shape that would work for their plan. I did not manage to get photos of them all unfortunately but here are some.

I had such a memorable time in Kiev and my sincerest thanks goes to Oksana who started the whole European trip by just asking me to come!! All it takes is an idea.

Roads in Kiev

I was moved by this place. Immersed in this historic place you begin to wonder how events came to pass and  how life was here not so long ago. It seems a lot of handcrafts have been lost as whole villages were moved and looms and spinning wheels left behind. There is a vibrancy here that will be making it's mark on the crafting world in the not too distant future.


Yvette said...

so special! You've been in the places I long to be.

(please don't forget my beach bead maybe Michelle wants to make one too)

Florcita said...

How beautiful! The architecture seems so curvaceous and colourful. Lovely work really.

india flint said...

what blows my mind quite frequently when wandering in places so loaded with history
is thinking about whose feet were there before mine
i'm so impressed you were there for seconds and already they'd made a mosaic with you in it!

great pix, keep em coming x

Pam de Groot said...

Hi everyone
I haven't forgot the bead it's coming! I had so many more shots of the buildings but it is still not the same as being there.
India I giggled and giggled at your comment. I need to dance like that more often. There is one building being renovated and they have left sections of the original wall I had to touch this stone that someone had laid so many years before. Like a connection of sorts.

George said...

Oh Pam! Everything you shown us is truly spectacular! Thank you so much for all the photos and the inspiration!

Britta said...

Such a variety of impressions!
Looks like lots of 'creative inspiration' and long walks through a city full of history :-)

Anonymous said...

How wonderfull it must be to experience this variety in cultures :)
The photo's certainly give a very good impression of a good time ;)

Barbara Kisiel said...

Hi,I admire you brillant art work, since I've found U on net. That is just awesome !!! Thank You ! Greetings from Poland ;)


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