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Monday, March 5, 2012

Dimension and texture

In preparing for this weeks residency I undertook to make a small 1.5x1m wall hanging to show some of the techniques we would be using. I loved the range of responses to the textures. Some said the dessert and others a topographical viewpoint and the ideas kept flowing. The inspiration was in fact the sea. Seaweed, urchins and rock formations.

Borrowed camera and not too familiar with it so the colour is more like the second or something in between actually. if yo are in the Netherlands this October and think you would like to learn how to do this Contact Truus  from the workshop coloum.


Els said...

Love all the different textures Pam!
The graphical writing-like stuff on the top looks interesting !!!
Always fun, experimenting ... ;-)

Anne said...


pixiemoss said...


florcita said...

yeees I would like to learn! I wonder if w a small baby the logistics of this family would get even mire vcomplicated.... hmmmmmmm I answer my own question...


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