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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some pics of school work

Still working on the finishing off the hangings for the Kindlehill school. I am trying to also prepare for this weekend's workshops and get myself making some sculpture for an exhibition at Braemar Gallery in April. I also have a couple of dresses to finish for a fashion Parade at the  context art forum  here in the Mountains in April as well. I am going to the workshop with Anita Larkin and there may still be some vacanies so if you are nearby why not join me??

Here are some shots of the process with the gorgeous children of Kindlehill.
There is the literal pulling together of community to make these pieces but there is so much more community built in a more subtle way too. Children learn that it takes time to produce such work, persistence and co operation with friends to roll a felt. Parents work with children showing how much they value the work too. I am often asked how do you do this at home? " I can't " is the answer. I need the community to bring the work to life!!

love the orange glow here

Promise to get to the full finished pics as soon as possible.


Els said...

Lovely to see all these faces Pam, clearly having a lot of fun assisting in making the wall hangings.
I thóúght so when I saw all the little felted balls : a lot of little hands !!! ánd elbow grease for the rolling !

Meagan said...

What a lovely school. I always adore your pictures of the littlest children rolling an enormous bundle. Really wonderful!

Anonymous said...

this is going to be so gorgeous! It must feel great to work them!

dorie said...

this is going to be so gorgeous! It must feel great to work them!

Pam de Groot said...

They make me laugh and they are not that intimidated byt he scale of things. They just trust and it is beautiful


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