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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Counting down "eins, zwei, drei"


I flew into Germany and was met at the airport by the gorgeous Britta and her husband. I had such a great time with them and their family.
This was my first encounter with the language difference and we managed to do well most of the time and when we couldn't work something out there was always google to interpret the last.
 Xanten near Dusseldorf and I went for a wander in town and visited the historic church.

I of course had to visit a castle and the closest was Moyland. These shots were from the grounds. Just beautiful despite the rain. The last one is actually at another small castle we saw .

We made big sculptural hats and though the class was small there was so much done. I really loved my time with these women. Britta has the most amazing studio and we could stop now and then for coffee and sustenance and sit and chat around the table in this funny triangle conversation of translation  between German and English.
I was working with some seriously talented women and the work they came out with was phenomenal. I am glad for my part I had in this.

Britta's hat

Maike' hat

Jana's Hat

I am sure you will agree these guys did an amazing job. I love to watch and help people's ideas develop and grow into these fantastic art works. It is my privilege.


Hanni said...

I am jeleous, I wish I could have gone with you and visit my country. Glad you had a nice visit and a wonderful workshop.

Ginny Huber said...

Wow! Wow! and Wow! Wonderful work. And sounds like a glorious experience for all!

Captain Sensible said...

fab photos of the whole trip - thanks for sharing

inge said...

like those amazing hats! and such a beautifulpics of your trip ...

vilterietje said...

waaaaaauuuuuw! love these hats! great creations, complimants to the people who made them:)

Britta said...

Oh yes, we really had an amazing time with you, thanks once again for sharing and everything else :-)!
I'm so glad you left your necklace (the one we washed) - As Jana said: if you forget something it means you will return... ;-)
The 'small castle' you mentioned is called 'Schloss Haag' - I will never remember the visit there without giggling!

Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right said...

Oh my gosh...Pam...These hats are absolutely amazing...What wonderful students you had...And, of course, it goes without saying...Marvelous instructor. My hat's off to all of you;-)


Clasheen said...

My goodness Pam, wonderful hats from the workshop, great testimony to their talent and your teaching skills!!!

Marie said...

Wow, amazing is really the exact word for it !!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing felted hats :D

Arlenesfelt said...

Beautiful student work , Pam. Also the pictures of the castle and gardens are beautiful. They reminded me of Seville Parque de María Luisa in Seville, Spain. So lovely.

Gifelt said...

Bellissimi, come tutti i tuoi insegnamenti! E in Italia non è previsto nessun corso?
Saluti cari

Truus said...

Dear Pam, I'm not able to contact you. Would you please be so kind to email me? truusjeh(at)xs4all(dot)nl
Marvellous pictures of your workshops!
Best wishes, Truus (You know, from the "hollandhouse' at FIF's.

Yvette said...

really talented

dorie said...

wonderfull and amazing hats. They are all artworks. Must make you proud as a teacher!


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